Born in 1972, Piermaria Scagliola grows in an antiquarian family: his father and his grandfather are top dealers at national level and also his three brothers are entrepreneurs in the field of antiques or historical and contemporary design. He graduates in pharmacy at the University of Turin and then, Piermaria chooses to focus his activity on the family business field, taking advantage of the knowledge assimilated thanks to family collaborations and parallel activities on his own; So Piermaria begins his career as a dealer in Turin, Milan and Paris. Having an increasingly important role on the national scene, in 2008 he puts together a team of experts to assist the creation of a new Design department for Della Rocca, an historical Auction House in Turin. He sets up all the features of the new department (from graphics to the style of the shooting) and embrace also an innovative way of work with the introduction of the (not so common in Italy) use of auction online platform like, bringing the department from 0 to € 500,000 per auction. In 2012 Piermaria starts a new collaboration with the Cambi brothers and heads the new Design department of the ambitious Genoese auction house, bringing it to the top of the Italian market in just a few years and among the first Design departments among the European auction houses, with over € 4,300,000 of Turnover in 2018. With Cambi, Piermaria establishes two sales world record for a Gio Ponti lots sold in auction: in 2015 a low table is sold for 310.000 € and, in 2019, a chest of drawers is sold for 313.000 € during the exceptional auction “Casa di Fantasia” organized in partnership Cambi-Phillips for an entire historical apartment designed by Ponti and others important designers like Fornasetti, Melotti and Altara. In 2017 Piermaria explores the possibility of an investment fund dedicated to design and begins its transcontinental partnerships with one eye on the United States and the other on Russia. In 2018 he becomes a partner of the Mirra gallery in Moscow and, in 2019, he expands his spectrum of interest to contemporary art starting collaborations with young artists, designers and galleries. In the same year, Piermaria has been invited to join the vetting commission for the XXXI edition of the Biennale Internazionale di Antiquariato di Firenze, one of the most prestigious events in Italy about antiquities and design.


Design Market Consultant for Collectors and Institutions.

Piermaria Scagliola provides advice services for private collectors, dealers, organisations and any other subject interested in design investments or looking for the best selling opportunity. Thanks to his network of consultants and collectors including the top international auction houses and some of the top experts in both European and Asian arts, Piermaria can provide also advice on the best solutions for the sales of art pieces.


The collaborations of Piermaria include stable partnership with some of the top design galleries, design dealers and International interior design decorators.

2004 – 2010

Piermaria Scagliola in partnership with Superego Editions, created a project for several ceramics designed by Alessandro Mendini, following the flow created by Ettore Sottsass that lead important Italian designers, modern and contemporary, to experiment with ceramics.

2006 - 2010

One of the first collaboration was with Angelo Mangiarotti and his design atelier since 2006: Piermaria collaborated with him on several project, giving his opinion and his advice on both marketing and production issues, always comparing the respective opinions. Piermaria remembers these years with deep affection: “I had the possibility to learn how a true genius works, I will forever be grateful for his mentorship and the years spent together”.

2008 – 2012

Piermaria Scagliola is the design department director for Della Rocca in Turin and renews the style and the positioning of the whole auction house. He takes more care about international public/clients and begins a more digital approach to the communication. He manages a team of experts and follows the artistic direction.

2012 - now

Piermaria Scagliola becomes Director for the design department at Cambi auction house. The Cambi brothers let him free to organize the department and the operations, as he prefers. The first years the auction organized are two, and then the number grows till the 8 per year Cambi organized in the 2019 (special partnership like Casa di Fantasia organized by Cambi and Phillips excluded). Piermaria gives his shape to the items selection: he decides to look for entire collections and specific designers artworks. He gives advice to the clients of the Auction house both on the value of the items and on the market trends.

2010 – now

Consultant on the italian design market for some important international decorators like Muriel Brandolini and her team of Interior Designers based in New York.  Thanks to the dialogue, the exchange of views and the exceptional collaborations on several interiors projecs, Piermaria developed an international views on the Trend on both sides of the Atlantic.

2017 - now

Consultant on the Italian design market for the new Mirra Gallery of Moscow. Piermaria started giving advice to Irina Mogilatova on the Italian market for her clients and, after good projects held together, Piermaria, Irina and Walter Mondavilli decided to start the road to the creation of the best Design Gallery in Moscow: so the Mirra Gallery took shape with the inauguration planned for June and with temporary spaces already built in important buildings in Moscow.

Casa di Fantasia

In 2019 Piermaria Scagliola and his partner Walter Mondavilli are the main architects of an unprecedented collaboration: the shared management on an auction between two auction houses, the Phillips from London, top international auction house for Contemporary art and Design and Cambi, one of the bests Italian auction Houses. They proposed together the pieces form “Casa di Fantasia”, an apartment in Milan designed by Gio Ponti and the bests Italian designers of the time. The auction is a special international event and a White Gloves auction with the 100% of the lots sold, the world record for a Gio Ponti items sold in auction and the result of more than 2 millions of Euros. 

In 2019 Piermaria started a partnership with the Master Executive in Art Market Management with IULM University in Milan holding lessons on Design Market and Collecting Trends.

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Piermaria has contributed to these publications as an expert in Italian design and craft production techniques.

The World of Muriel Brandolini, Muriel Brandolini, Ed Rizzoli, New York, 2011.

Franco Deboni, Fontana Arte: Gio Ponti, Pietro Chiesa, Max Ingrand, Allemandi, 2012
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